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Discover how regular Reiki Treatments can change your life for the better

What does the modern-day health regime or self-care routine look like?

Working out at the gym, taking the occasional supplement, attending a sporadic yoga class, investing in a Nutribullet or a juicer and start enduring spirulina smoothies or the celery juice diet.

You might have tried some (or all) of the items listed above, but how often do you add something different to the mix that isn’t just about your physical appearance, but also the mental, emotional and spiritual side of ourselves?

Eastern philosophers, spiritualists, and Buddhists have known for centuries what we are only just discovering – that the physical body is intrinsically linked with our mind and spirit. And when these two are out of balance, chaos ensues in one form or another.

If you don’t know already, Reiki is a Japanese Energy Healing system that is quickly becoming a hugely popular therapy, as discover how powerful it can be in bringing greater wellness to your life.

Founded in the 20th Century by Buddhist Monk Mikao Usui, Reiki was and still is a sacred practice, with a slightly more relaxed rule book these days. Although there are many variations of this modality, here at Soul Tranquility Healing, we were trained in the most comprehensive and traditional Usui Reiki Course in the UK, by Reiki Light.

So what is a session like you may ask? Well during treatment, the Practitioner essentially harnesses the energy that surrounds us all, and emits this through the palms of the hands and into the client, creating a feeling of total relaxation and peace by removing energetic blockages in the body.

Starting to sound intriguing? Well to further pique your interest, here is our by no means definitive list of 8 reasons why it needs to be part of your self-care routine.

  • It can work wonders for Psychological and Physical Health – a US study in 2019 found: “The results from this large-scale multisite effectiveness trial suggest that a single session of Reiki improves multiple variables related to physical and psychological health.”US National Library of Medicine – Pub Med


  • It can aid the side effects of Chemotherapy/Cancer Treatment – “According to the American Cancer Society, a small research study recently showed that patients undergoing Reiki treatments during cancer reported less pain overall.”International Association of Reiki Professionals


  • Improved sleep quality – the foundation of all health, and when our body does the majority of its repair work. If your sleeping isn’t great, it is not a good indicator of good health for a multitude of reasons. Many clients see an improvement in their sleep immediately following a session, and for longer periods if they have treatments on a regular basis.


  • Levels out blood pressure – “A study conducted by researchers at South Glasgow University Hospital investigated the effect of Reiki treatments on the autonomic nervous systems of a group of healthy participants. The study found that Reiki treatments decreased both heart rate and diastolic blood pressure significantly.”International Association of Reiki Professionals


  • Lower anxiety – deep breathing and relaxation engages our parasympathetic nervous system, enabling our “rest and digest” mode within the body’s nervous system functions. Those that suffer from anxiety can see huge benefits from Reiki treatments when they are able to reach this place of rest and recuperation.


  • Enhances intuition and spiritual development – similarly to meditative practice, the healing energy that your body feels helps the client connect to their own inner wisdom, and a deeper connection to the self.


  • Reduces stress – probably the most common attribute of having treatments, stress reduction is something nearly every person is looking for in the high-pressure world we exist in. When we bring things back to the present moment and allow the body and mind to just be, stress can dissipate, and thereby can also aid multiple other stress-related illnesses such as headaches, back pain, stomach ulcers, exhaustion, etc.


  • Triggers the body’s natural healing capabilities – when the Reiki energy intuitively removes the blockages held within our body, it instinctively triggers our body’s own natural skill of healing itself that we have all forgotten to do overtime.

Please be sensible and aware that Reiki is a complementary therapy that is not a replacement for any medical care of advice you may need and no outcome is guaranteed.

Have we convinced you to try it out yet? Then join Soul Tranquility for Reiki Distance Healing Sessions, or experience Reiki in Mandurah WA, we can’t wait to meet you.

self care routine