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How to Harness Your Inner Power With Sex Magick and Manifestation

Attract your deepest desires by utilising your sexuality and expanding your innate strength

How to Harness Your Inner Power With Sex Magick and Manifestation

This week we experienced a glorious pink Supermoon, and the largest that we will be lucky enough to see in 2020. In astrology, this Moon in Libra represents the planets desire for our collective consciousness to seek the rebalancing of our energies, the perfect time for engaging in creativity, and boost inspiration.

Now why am I talking about the Moon when you clicked on this article to read about Sex Magick? Well you’ve heard about cleansing and charging crystal by the light of the full moon right? Well the power of the full moon is incredibly potent in helping any kind of magick ritual or manifestation. It is a boost of innate energy that further propels our desires way beyond our expectations.

Moon energy + Orgasmic energy = MINDBLOWING

Sex magick has existed for centuries in one form or another, and is not without it’s stigma and misconceptions. There’s no ritual sacrifice to be seen here, and definitely no exchange of menstrual blood and semen (unless that’s your thing of course…)

sex magic
"This ritual better f****ing work"

Heavily investigated by Occultists in the 19th Century, the general gist of manifesting during sexual activity was described as;

“Formulate the desire and keep it in mind during the whole period and especially when making the nuptive prayer, during which no word may be spoken, but the thing desired be strongly thought” – Paschal Beverly Randolph

Although he spoke accurately about manifesting within the mind, Randolph also claimed that Sex Magic wasn’t possible with a virgin or a “harlot”. I say bring out your inner harlot and embrace your own sexual status and mystical power. There is no space or acceptance of slut-shaming here. You hold the power to your own orgasm anyway, and masturbation has a magick of it’s own.

Do I need to have “sex” to practice Sex Magick?

Sex doesn’t just mean heterosexual penetration with a partner of the opposite gender. It can mean whatever you want, and sex with the self (masturbation) is EQUALLY as significant and incredible to practice.

Do I need to be able to orgasm to practice sex magick?

Have you ever heard that orgasms happen in the mind? Well with that knowledge, recognise the connection between the thoughts/vision you are manifesting, and your own ability to climax – they are intrinsically connected. The point of climax is where this next-level vibration resides, but there are many reasons why someone might not be able to orgasm, and these people should not be left out of this experience. I would instead recommend on choosing a point in which you feel the power is at its own peak and use that as your point of manifestation and focus.

What if I can only orgasm with someone else?

Then get to work on changing that – you hold the power of your own orgasm, no one else. Use this time as an oppourtunity to explore your own body more and find out how you can satisfy your own needs.

How do I practice sex magick?

We all create our own magic in our actions and intentions, but here are my recommendations – feel free to mix it up wherever you like…

Intentions – What is it you are looking to manifest? Money? Healing? Success? Love? Spend a moment and find your focus, and if you feel the need to, write it down on a piece of paper and keep it in the room with you. If you’re having sex with a partner, it will be even more potent if you are manifesting the same thing together.

sex magic

Set the Scene Part 1 – This isn’t just a quick orgasm aka a wish and wank. There is a lot more to it than that, and you should use this opportunity to engage in a little luxury. Have a warm and sensual bath, massage yourself or with a partner. Come into connection with the body, touch and feel your skin. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and be present.

sex magick
Helena really hoped these petals weren't going to clog up her plug hole

Set the Scene Part 2 – Create a sensual and inviting place for the sex to take place. Burn incense, candles, put on an essential oil diffuser. Devote the space to your practice, invoke the energy of the cosmos/universe/goddesses/gods in helping you create the space you desire for the purposes of your choosing. Use music and sound to add the finishing touch to your space, this can be hugely influential in maintaining the mood and intensity of the moment. Also, turn your phone to do not disturb.

sex magick
Kayla wondered if there was enough sage in the world to get rid of bad ex's

The Practice – No matter what kind of sex you are having, there is no rush. It is a sensual and delicate process. Breathe consciously and consistently, connect with your body and your mind. Give gratitude and thanks to the universe, or whatever you believe in and concentrate that gratitude into the moment. This is not a race to orgasm, in this practice we are intentionally slowing down. At the first stirrings we bring that sensation higher into the body. For example it may begin in the pelvis (sacral and base chakras), but consciously try to bring this energy higher up into the body, through each chakra, till it’s eventually reaching every part of you.

Anita reasoned that self-isolation was the perfect opportunity to also focus on self-pleasure

Let the Manifestation Begin – Right at the very limits of your self-control and holding back from orgasm, this is where you focus all your intention and belief into what you want to manifest. Imagine you already have exactly what you desire and believe it into being. It is right here that you should feel the intensity grow, spread across the body, and hopefully have an amazing orgasm and spiritual transformation in the process.

Top Tips

  • If it is your first time practicing sex magick and manifestation, then do it alone through masturbation and experience this astounding practice solo before engaging another partner.
  • Sex magick is about control, not seeking immediate release or gratification. It can be even more powerful to abstain from sex if you are building up to a big night of manifesting…


Don’t you think it’s amazing that this potential power lives inside of you? Imagine if we always had a supreme connection to this power  – how would you act differently in your life?

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