inner goddess


6 Steps to creating your secret self-care ritual.


Have you ever been on a spa day, where you are so pampered and blissed out that you feel like a Goddess? Or maybe you feel like a Queen when you’re wearing sexy lingerie or skinny dipping in the ocean? We are all unique individuals that feed our inner Goddess in different ways according to what gives us pleasure or helps us reconnect with ourselves.

At the center of our being, when we are most connected to our passions, desires, pleasure, self-worth, and understanding of who we are – that is where the inner Goddess resides. When we go through difficult times, hardships, pain, and suffering sometimes a disconnect happens, and some people can remain disconnected their whole lives.

No matter what you believe in spiritually or not, worshipping ourselves can take many forms, but is vitally important when showing compassion, respect, validation and comfort for your mind, body, and spirit, without the need for anyone else to play a part.

The seat of our Inner Goddess is also where the Divine Feminine lives. This is our hub or creativity, balance, justice, oneness, strength, vulnerability, and connection to the earth. When we are out of balance, feeling week, trapped, disconnected, and closed off to the world, this is a sign we have been neglecting our Divine Feminine energy.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you have no hope of getting back to YOU. The self-care movement is thriving right now, and there couldn’t be a better time to begin exploring your self-care rituals, with little and large activities that you can add in every day.

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  • Sensual Movement – Put on your favourite music and dance freely without shame or judgement. Bonus points if you throw on some sexy underwear or go naked and fully dive into this liberating practice.
inner goddess
Erica was rather enjoying putting on a show for her neighbours...


  • Meditation – The best way to come back to yourself, breathing through the mental clutter that is stopping you from meeting your inner wisdom.
inner goddess
Angelica wondered why her stomach always chose to start growling the second the group had to be in silence


  • Care for Your Body – Take a luxurious bath, bring out the candles, essential oils, magnesium salts and finish it off with a self massage using Ritual Oils – we have an exclusive 10% discount code for you to use, just use “TRANQUILITY” at the checkout and thank us later. Moringa Oil infused with Blue Lotus and using ancient wisdom to help you drop into yourself during your intimate moments.


  • Love Yoursef Lists – Write a list of everything you love about yourself, and re read it when you can’t hear past the negative self-talk.
inner goddess


  • Solo Dates – Take yourself on a date and do everything just to please yourself. Lunch out with a good book, a hike and a podcast with picnic lunch, go to the movies, have an in home pamper session.
inner goddess
This was the kind of date Ashleigh could really get behind...


  • Discover a New Hobbie –  Try something you’ve never done before but have always been interested in giving a go. This fires up your creativity and removes any stagnant energy in the mind/body.
inner goddess

Whatever you choose to do, remember that your divine feminine power is unique to YOU – and although we hope our tips might come in handy, take some time to ask yourself how YOU feel when you are connected to your feminine essence.