3 Blends of Goddess Inspired Wisdom

For self-love, sensuality, stillness and sweet dreams 


Around a year ago, I started playing around with the idea of launching Shop Soul Tranquility, but in classic Naomi style I procrastinated the hell out of it so there it stayed on my vision board, awaiting my action.

When I finally pulled my finger out, I dived into an aromatherapy course to learn more about the benefits of essential oils and the science behind how they actually work. 

I was surprised to find out that the differents scents communicate with our olfactory system, elliciting different reactions every time. And here I thought that we merely associated these smells with certain feelings or activities!

DanuDivine came into being after becoming more intune with my inner Goddess. Listening attentively to my higher self and inner wisdom bought me closer to the products I wanted to create for those that love spirituality, personal development and communing with the divine.

goddess inspired wisdom

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The Goddess of the Moon, she encourages you to engage with the lunar energies, enhancing your sleep quality and duration. We also infused our Luna blend with sacred blue lotus flowers, these have been used since the Ancient Egyptians to enable lucid dreaming and spiritual ascension. Which we felt was a perfect match for Luna’s magical properties. 

The Goddess of sexaulity and self-love, Freyja is a powerhouse that we felt destined to work with. She holds space for your divine feminine to come forward, encouraging kindness and contemplation of your beauty. Tap into your sexual desires and be the badass bitch you were born to be.

The Goddess of calm and tranquility, she asks you to step out of your mind and back into the present moment  – the only place where true joy resides. Hesykhia is a lesser known Goddess, possibly intentional, as she presides over quiet and stillness. She is ready and waiting for you to commune with her and dive headlong into your own inner calm.


Our products are designed to help you engage and interact with your divine self, whether it is through sleep, meditation, visualisation or merely in application – you can tune in whenever you need to. 

Rolled gently across the skin – wrists, neck, decolletage or your temples, a few deep breaths and a moment of mindfulness will pull you into this Goddess energy, and invoke a reaction in your mind, body and spirit. 


We have four more Goddesses on the way, with gift boxes and packages in the works – we can’t wait to share more with you.