Goddess Rituals


Discover what the relatively obscure Greek Goddess can bring to your life and how to incorporate her into your next Goddess Ritual…


The majority of us all know the basic Greek/Roman/Egyptian Gods that existed centuries ago. From Aphrodite to Zeus, Hermes, to Achilles, these names have become part of popular culture in movies, books, and even world-renowned brands. But what about the lesser-known deities that have seemingly faded into insignificance with time and lack of research?

Studying History and Classical Civilisation at college was the beginning of my fascination with the classical and ancient world, but it wasn’t until I was older and began developing the spiritual self that I felt even more drawn to connecting with different deities that span a multitude of cultures.

From the limited information, I could discover, Hesykhia was a Daemon/Spirit that personified quiet, stillness, rest, and tranquility.

Ancient stories depict her surroundings as; “No roar of the sea is here, though all the shores be sounding, nor yet of the sky; the very torrent that runs down the deep valley nigh the cave is silent among the rocks and boulders.” – wherever she goes, peace and quiet follows.

Goddess Rituals

goddess rituals


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When choosing different Goddesses to work with, and to give meaning and significance to the range of essential oil blends I was creating, I was largely led by my intuition. Whilst working on our blend for easing anxiety, I scoured through books and internet directories before stumbling across her name – and it stood out to me. It almost sounds like a whisper, her spirit and energy spoke to me on a deeper level.

After all, easing anxiety leads to the eventual goal of feeling a sense of inner peace, an internal silence where you are present and existing only in the moment. Yes, I could have easily chosen any number of well-known Goddesses, but the fact that she doesn’t stand out, that she resides almost in the ether, as a spirit surrounding us and guiding us towards rest and silence made her the perfect choice.

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If you struggle with managing stress or anxiety, these Goddess rituals are perfect for engaging in the peace your body and mind deserves, and there are numerous ways you can achieve that:

  1. Sit in silence and stillness – In the modern world, our minds are constantly overstimulated throughout the day from blue light exposure and moving from screen to screen. Shut out the noise and distractions, and exist in the now. This might be a struggle to begin with, but even setting aside a mere moment to be silent and gently observing your thoughts is a simple yet effective way to connect to this humble Goddess.
  2. Attend a workshop – If you live locally to Perth/Mandurah WA, then join us at our upcoming workshop to dive deep on this topic.
  3. Submerge yourself in water – (Safely) Whether this means swimming at the beach, a pool, soaking in your bathtub, or allowing the water from the shower to cascade all over your body. The silence you experience when you are underwater or the sound of the rushing shower is another way in which you can find Hesykhia’s stillness and strength.
  4. Give an offering – What makes you feel calm or reminds you of rest and relaxation? A feather? Amethyst crystals? A cup of tea? Beautiful music? If you have an object, place it on your altar in silent dedication to Hesykhia, asking for her to bestow peace upon you, and to remove worry, anxiety, and fear from your mind, body, and spirit. If your symbol for peace isn’t an object, then do the action, remaining present and quiet for the duration.
  5. Listen to your intuition – If you’re looking for a way to truly ease and release your anxiety with the help of the Goddess Hesykhia, what ways do you feel you could honor her? What actions could you take in order to become a calmer and more peaceful person? What can you learn from her?
  6. Anoint yourself – Use our specially crafted Hesykhia blend to incorporate into any of the actions above.

Do all or just one of the above to perform your own Goddess Ritual – don’t overcomplicate things. Listen to your intuition, you know deep down how you wish to honor the ancient Goddesses, you don’t need “stuff” or even many tools to achieve the connection you are seeking.

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