Breath Coaching

Alleviate stress and step into a deeper connection with the intricacies of your nervous system with the help of the ancient practice of yogic breathwork.

Breath coaching mandurah


Our breathing has incredible power over the our nervous system, and when we are no longer connected with our breath, our mind and body also fall out of harmony. This ultimately results in an inability to regulate our response to potentially “threatening situations” such as work issues, disagreements with loved ones, financial pressure or even just sitting in traffic.

Breath Coaching sessions focus on achieving tangible results for you to integrate into your everyday life – a tool kit at your disposal to help you rebalance and find your sense of equilibrium.

Sleep Better
Unlock Tranquility

Sessions can be integrated as part of our Meditation or Reiki Healing sessions. This is highly recommended if you struggle to enter a relaxed state or if you’d just like to add another dynamic to your healing experiences that you can take home with you.

What is private coaching like?

 Starting with a full consultation and nervous system check-in, we start by establishing your starting point, and what you want to achieve on this journey. Following a practical assessment looking at your lung capacity, nasal dominance and carbon dioxide tolerance, we move directly into finding what style of breathing works for you.

After establishing what is practical for you to factor into your daily routine, you will be sent away with “homework” as you gradually introduce this life-changing work before your next session.  

If you want to:

– Sleep better

– Stress less

– Support your immune system

– Have more energy

– Stabilise your moods

– Feel more positive about life

Then Breath Coaching is for you!