A powerful practice that enhances your wellbeing, reduces stress and expands your consciousness.


Ease Your Worries – Goddess Hesykhia Workshop Friday 19th February  – Do you struggle with anxiety and restless thoughts? Do you find it hard to manage worrying thought processes? Then join us and the Goddess Hesykhia for an evening of pure tranquility.

Own Your Power – Goddess Freyja Workshop Friday 12th March –
Raise your vibration in 2021 and reconnect with your inner power through communing with the Goddess Freyja. Through guided visualization, we will meet the glorious Norse Goddess of love, beauty, death, and magic, learn to reignite the power that already resides within us all, and grow further along the journey of self-love and shaping your destiny.

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Our Meditation studies began with Maxine Dubois; Reiki Master, Voice Coach and Meditation Teacher in London. It was during this study that we truly learned that the journey you can take clients on can be even more effective through the use of voice and language. 

Our workshops/events are the results of our connection to creative feminine energies. Our goal is for you to leave a class transformed, with the clarity and motivation to continue the work long after the workshop has ended.


Guided visualisation, otherwise known as pathworking, is a powerful method we use to help our clients take deep healing journeys to grow, repair past trauma, and access their inner power.

Guided Meditation with an experienced practitioner is a great way to begin your practice, as it involves listening to a voice, rather than relying on your own ability to “control” your thoughts, right from the get-go. 


When you experience Guided Meditation in Mandurah with Soul Tranquility you are taken on this journey in a relaxed atmosphere with soft lighting, gentle music, candlelight and my voice guiding you along the path.

As part of a private session, often clients enjoy incorporating it with a Reiki or Crystal Healing Treatment for a more immersive journey.

We run Programs for fitness studios, gyms, and wellness centers across WA, and are also happy to create a stand-alone class upon request. If you would like to organise a group session with some friends using Meditation or Guided Visualisation please get in touch.

meditation mandurah

Here is a list of different programs and events we have run and can do so again upon request:

meditation mandurah

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