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Find your way back to yourself through a guided and supported practice that will evolve and expand with you. Whether you’re a complete beginner or experienced at Meditation, everyone is welcome.


Discover moment to moment awareness to gain a greater sense of presence and overall calm.

Spiritual Journeying

Visualisation practices to help you connect with your guides & higher self.


Gradually remove tension from the body through a gently guided body awareness meditation,


Our Meditation studies began with Maxine Dubois; Reiki Master, Voice Coach and Meditation Teacher in London. During this study that we truly learned the value of the journey you can take clients on simply with the use of voice and precise language.

Whether you want to learn how to meditate, or to take some time out for yourself, Guided Meditation with an experienced practitioner is a great way to begin your practice, as it involves listening to a voice, rather than relying on your own ability to “control” your thoughts, right from the get-go. When you experience Guided Meditation with Soul Tranquility you are taken on this journey in a relaxed atmosphere with soft lighting, eye pillow, gentle music, candlelight, and Naomi’s voice guiding you along the path.

When experienced as a private session, many clients enjoy incorporating it with Reiki or Massage for a more immersive journey.



If you’d like to experience a guided visualization in a group setting, a workshop/event/group class is a great place to start. We frequently host events across Mandurah and Perth, such as Kaya Yoga (previosuly Soft Yoga Perth)and Sarah’s Circle, as well as online.

Our events are the result of our connection to spirit guides, mother earth, and creative feminine energies. Our goal is for you to leave a class transformed, with the clarity and motivation to continue the work long after the workshop has ended.

We run Programs for fitness studios, gyms, and wellness centers across WA, and are also happy to create a stand-alone class upon request. If you would like to organize a group session with some friends using Meditation or Guided Visualisation please get in touch.

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We are creating a dedicated online community on Youtube and Insight Timer, where we upload regular meditation practices for you to access, completely free. Liking, commenting and subscribing goes a long way in supporting our work, and your participation in the community is welcomed and appreciated.

meditation mandurah

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