Reiki Mandurah

Energy Healing & reiki

An ancient healing modality that seeks to remove energetic blockages from the body in order to trigger your natural healing capabilities.

Reiki Mandurah

Reiki Mandurah

Why experience Reiki with Us?

Incorporating traditional Usui Reiki techniques, and the range of modalities we have trained in or experienced over the years, our style has developed to involve sound healing, chakra balancing, energy reading, and much more. When you book a session with Naomi you can be assured you are held in a gentle, safe space for everything to unfold exactly as it needs to.

With nearly ten years of experience, Naomi has provided sessions privately and in a clinical setting as part of hospice care, working with a range of conditions including stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, endometriosis, cancer treatment, and palliative care. We are here to meet you exactly where you are – and to help bring you back into connection with your mind, body and spiritual self.


Meeting you in a place of peace, acceptance and alignment to facilitate your journey.


Connecting with your aura, chakras, masculine and feminine energies to help restore balance.


With a complex range of needs including but not limited to anxiety, depression, chronic illness and chemotherapy.

Reiki Mandurah

What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki Healing (pronounced ray-key) is a complementary therapy founded in the 20th Century by a Japanese Buddhist teacher and monk called Mikao Usui. This ancient practice has developed over the years and traveled across the globe into what we now call  Usui Reiki

Theoretically, Reiki healing energy flows from the universe through the crown chakra of the practitioner, and into the palms of the hands. This energy then flows into the client and intuitively seeks to remove energetic blockages to trigger our body’s natural healing capabilities. This blocked energy then leaves the client through energetic channels that exist all over the body.


Sessions can be experienced via distance healing or in person with the client lying down or seated, and last for at least one hour. You remain fully clothed and blankets are provided to ensure optimum comfort and ease with relaxing music playing. During the session, the room is darkened and an eye pillow is provided in order for you to draw your attention inward.

Placing palms above or gently resting on the client’s body, the sensation can feel different to everyone. It may feel hot, cold, tingling, or you may feel emotions coming to the surface. Whatever comes forward is exactly as it should be and you are safe to fully embody what is released.

Here is a small sample of the effects many clients feel after receiving treatments:

  • Ease stress.
  • Improved sleep quality and duration.
  • Emotional healing.
  • Aid anxiety and depression.
  • Speed up the healing process following surgery or injury.
  • Help develop a sense of overall well-being.
  • An opportunity to find tranquility and time for YOU.
  • Gain greater clarity/understanding.
  • Soothe inflammatory illnesses.

Please be aware that Reiki is a spiritual complementary therapy and is not a substitute for professional medical care or advice. The information on this website and all of the services/products do not claim to cure or treat any illness.


We love to support clients during their pregnancy, however it isn’t recommened to receive healing in the first trimester (this also includes massage, reflexology and many other modalities!) 

Reiki works to bring the mind and body into a place of deep relaxation which may help to ease anxiety, we give you actionable tools to take home and use on so the work continues long after you leave the massage table!

The mind holds an incredible amount of power over our wellbeing and healing journey. Resistance to the possibilities will hold you back from fully healing on an energetic level.

reiki mandurah

Reiki Mandurah


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