Ritual Blessings

Recognize the transitions and transformations with unique and beautiful Rituals – a sacred acknowledgment of the significance of these meaningful moments. Including bridal blessings, first bleed blessings, mama blessings, and much more.


Life is punctuated by many moments that pass by in a blink, and although we celebrate such occasions with gatherings such as baby showers, hen parties, and weddings, these events are often wrapped up in the expectation and stress of organisation.

Human beings have used ritual practices for millennia, and although many large life events evoke their own kind of ritual, especially in the case of weddings, there is a distinct lack of ceremonial occasion to mark these transitions and changes with the reverence they deserve.

The gathering of women is a sacred practice, a container of energy that allows for joy, sadness, and everything in between to be shared with those nearest and dearest in a safe, open and healthy space filled with nourishment and much love. It is in this safe container that we welcome the full spectrum of emotion, and allow not only joy to be expressed but fears and worries too.






At a ritual blessing, we use sacred and ceremonial practices to initiate and welcome these significant life events, with deep reverence for the woman that is about to embark on this new journey. We invite those that mean the most to you and only open the circle up to others that will take part without judgment, and only in full support of you and your choices.

Every Ritual looks different, depending on the desires of the person and event we are blessing – but three fundamentals must be present in them all;

– Respect

– Reverence

– Presence

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