9 Ways to Use and Benefit from Blue Lotus Flowers

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blue lotus flower SACRED BLUE LOTUS FLOWERS Discover 9 ways how and why to utilize this ancient flower for greater spiritual expansion… ORDER FROM RITUAL OILS WITH THE DISCOUNT CODE: “TRANQUILITY” HISTORY & PROPERTIES OF THE BLUE LOTUS FLOWER Beloved by the ancient Egyptians, the sacred blue lotus flower can be seen inscribed and carved […]

Who is the Goddess Hesykhia? Goddess Rituals for Easing Anxiety Everyday

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Goddess Rituals Goddess Rituals WHO IS THE GODDESS HESYKHIA? Discover what the relatively obscure Greek Goddess can bring to your life and how to incorporate her into your next Goddess Ritual… BOOK NOW Facebook Instagram Pinterest Envelope Phone-alt WHO IS HESYKHIA? The majority of us all know the basic Greek/Roman/Egyptian Gods that existed centuries ago. […]

Embrace the Inner Goddess – 6 Steps to Creating Your Secret Self-Care Ritual

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inner goddess DISCOVERING YOUR INNER GODDESS 6 Steps to creating your secret self-care ritual. Facebook Instagram Pinterest Envelope Phone-alt THE INNER GODDESS Have you ever been on a spa day, where you are so pampered and blissed out that you feel like a Goddess? Or maybe you feel like a Queen when you’re wearing sexy […]