tarot mandurah


Utilise a Healing Tarot Reading to expand your self-awareness and dive deep into your life’s journey.


“A set of 78 cards with pictures on them, used for trying to find out what will happen to someone in the future.” Cambridge Dictionary 

Contrary to this popular belief, Tarot often tells us things we already know, but are not willing to accept. It helps us rethink the way we behave, our relationships, emotions, work-life, and decision making. The future, however, is a little more different.

Always changing and developing depending on where we are in our lives, what is revealed in our future responds to our attitude, energy, actions and intentions in the present moment.

We follow our intuition throughout a session, maintaining a strong connection and relationship to the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Deck. Laying out the cards in a traditional “Celtic Cross” pattern, asking questions regarding the past, present, and future, with deeper elaboration where necessary. Tarot is an excellent opportunity for self-reflection. 

Tarot Mandurah



After offering Tarot Readings for six years, I understand that people are slightly nervous and/or hesitant to experience it for the first time.

Please be reassured that all readings take place in a safe and respectful way, in accordance with everyone’s highest will and good. It is simply a tool to help you reflect, seek answers, and sometimes find closure in order to grow and move forward.


tarot mandurah


Having no expectations for the outcome is the best mindset to have for any Reading. It is also not wise to come closed off to the Reading or to work against the Reader.

We will spend a moment connecting, possibly by holding hands, and from there I will ask specific questions pertaining to the issues you have presented, or if you present none we will just go with the flow! We may only draw 15 cards, or we may even draw 30! It is completely up to the cards whether they have anything more to say.

Fundamentally, I use Tarot as a tool in which to heal. It holds a mirror up to our attitudes, behavior and actions, and helps us take charge and make positive changes for present and future happiness.