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Inspired relaxation therapies including Reiki Healing, Meditation, Tarot, Breath Coaching, and Spiritual Workshops for healing and transformation – available online and in person.

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Established in the UK in 2014, Naomi has been a Reiki Practitioner, Meditation Teacher and Tarot Reader for nearly ten years. With a lifelong passion for holistic health and all things “witchy”, she loves to help clients re-connect with their higher selves and grow as individuals.

Inspired by her own healing journey with chronic illness, Naomi works with clients to help rebalance the masculine/feminine energies that reside within us all, in whichever modality resonates with each individual.

A creative soul with the desire to keep evolving and changing, Naomi also designs and handcrafts unique artwork and shop items infused with love, gratitude, and healing energy.

Whether you are looking to rebalance your energies with Reiki, reduce stress with Breath Coaching, or gain insight into your personal growth with Tarot – Soul Tranquility Healing can help.


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Let a trusted and experienced Practitioner & Reiki Master guide you to a place where true holistic healing can begin.


Discover inner peace and true tranquility with this ancient healing modality.


Quiet the mind and reconnect to your center, with private sessions and events across WA and online.


Intuitive and reflective readings with an experienced and heart centred practitioner.


Expand upon the healing energy of Reiki with the incorporation of ceremonial cacao.


Tailor made essions to further your spiritual development and connection with the higher self.


Learn how to engage the parasympathetic nervous system (rest, digest, de-stress) and see how the correct breathing techniques can change your life.


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Pamela MeolaPamela Meola
03:59 27 Feb 22
A wonderful space offered by Naomi, thank you for the event.
SuperHuman DuoSuperHuman Duo
06:41 06 Jul 21
I have been visitng Naomi for several months for Reiki and find myself looking forward to our sessions. She is a great listener and I feel so much better after our sessions. Thank you Naomi for the space you hold.
Meegan Hyde-WeirMeegan Hyde-Weir
06:21 02 Sep 20
I had the absolute pleasure of attending Soul Tranquility's Kindred Spirit Circle Workshop on the weekend, an experience designed to connect people with their animal spirit guides.Having never done any animal guide work before, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. But any ideas or expectations I might have had were greatly surpassed by Naomi and her beautiful guided meditation.She had chosen a perfect, intimate setting that felt instantly welcoming and comfortable. The meditation itself was beautifully mapped out without painting the picture for you.Naomi's voice is a dream to listen to, so it was easy to relax and to be guided toward my spirit animal.A majestic female deer, as it turned out.The messages I received were poignant and timely and I felt so protected and peaceful afterwards.I would absolutely do this workshop again and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to connect deeper with spirit in animal form.Thank you Naomi for your divine guidance and gifts.
Becca NicholsBecca Nichols
07:47 09 May 20
I've been having long distance healing with Naomi for sometime now, since she left the UK for Australia. I've done online meditations, reiki and I've had angel card readings. Naomi has a way of making you feel at ease, instantly calming the nerves or stress you maybe carrying. Meditation is something fairly new to me, but I've done this weekly with Naomi now and find that for that moment of time, it helps me to release, calm and be present (which is something I'm not good at in everyday life). I would highly recommend getting in touch with Naomi, she is very knowledgeable and always willing to help with anything and everything. Thanks Naomi!
Luna-Lucia MagnoLuna-Lucia Magno
03:02 09 May 20
De-stress, rejuvenate, work from the inside out- I love it❣️I had the pleasure twice to be part of Soul Tranquility’s guided meditation classes and both times I enjoyed every bit of it❣️ Naomi made me feel super comfortable, her pleasant voice is calming and her choice of music just complements the relaxing atmosphere perfectly. 🧘 Beginning with physical awareness and breathing techniques I was quickly put into a deep meditative state even though I am a novice. 👼 While in Nirvana😇 Naomi then took me onto a spiritual journey of self-discovery, both times very different and unique. I love how playful and creative Naomi’s visualisations are while also profoundly meaningful for your personal growth🌟 Her message of loving and accepting the self is inspiring and deeply healing. Thank you Naomi🙏💖🙏


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